Summer School

Summer School
Art, Education & Radical Resistance

ABC No Rio in Exile at PS122 Gallery
150 First Avenue – NYC
July and August 2022

Free and Open to the Public, July 15 – August 28, 2022, Friday – Sunday, 1–6pm

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Summer School: Art, Education & Radical Resistance focuses on the artist’s role as activist, art as a community organizing tool, and teaching as the sharing of resistant knowledge. Emphasizing the processes of artists participating in public discourse Summer School examines how support for shared values drives alternative politics and ideas through the arts.

Historically summer school is a place for remedial education, with the focus on improving skills to prepare students for required curriculum. Offering a different type of remediation, the projects included in Summer School: Art Education & Radical Resistance are creative in nature and fill a gap left by mainstream histories, governments, educational systems, and other established institutions.

In the spirit of community spaces PS122 Gallery’s exhibition space will be activated by events and workshops throughout the duration of the show with installations changing in concert with these events.

Summer School includes artwork, documentation, workshops, skill-shares and other public presentations. All events are free to the public but may require RSVP.

ABC No Rio frequently explores new ways to organize and implement its projects. Summer School continues this tradition of actively involving participating artists, collectives and other entities in the planning, organization, and installation of exhibitions.

Participating Artists, Collectives, and Organizations

Yasmeen Abdallah, Shiva Addanki, Amplifier Inc., Big Sky Workshop, Beyond Prisons Podcast, Chto Delat, Jim Costanzo/Aaron Burr Society, Agata Craftlove/THEMM! & Gregory Sholette, Priyanka Das, Shawn Escarciga, Peter Fend, Kevin Frech, Christina Freeman, Robby Herbst, Interference Archive with Willa Goettling, Mobile Print Power, North Bronx Collective, Octavia Project, Antonio Serna, Gina Peyran Tan, Workers Art Coalition.

Yasmeen Abdallah, Vince Carducci, Barrie Cline, Priyanka Das, Steven Englander, Shawn Escarciga, Peter Fend, Christina Freeman, Robby Herbst, David King, Chris McHale, Alan Moore, Arthur Polendo, and Stephen Zacks.

Land Acknowledgement
ABC No Rio is of settler origin, created in 1980, on what is currently known as the Lower East Side on Manhattan Island. The land on which it exists has been the site of human activity for 12,000 years and is the traditional territory of the Lenape people, who were pushed out in the final decades of the 18th century.

Today, this city is a home and meeting place for many indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island. As a settler institution, ABC No Rio recognizes its responsibility to actively work to support indigenous sovereignty, to recognize colonial histories, and to redress their present-day manifestations. ABC No Rio is grateful for the opportunity to work in this community and on this land. The territorial acknowledgment given here is its small part in dismantling and disrupting colonial structures; it is responsive and will change regularly.

Given the recent Supreme Court decision impacting women’s reproductive health, ABC No Rio supporters are encouraged to contribute to Indigenous Women Rising’s Abortion Fund.

Summer School: Art Education & Radical Resistance is funded in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.