Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P.) 


Curated by Christina FreemanEmireth Herrera and moira williams.

Opening and Curators’ tour, September 6, 2018 from 6 – 9PM at Flux Factory
Closing reception and party, September 29 from 6 – 9PM

The second part of the exhibition will take place at the Queens Museum, October 28 to December 2. Performances and walks will take place October 28, November 11 and December 2.

S.T.E.P… embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can challenge notions and open conversations around visibility, gender, labor, exploration, counter mapping, colonialism, feminism, motherhood, contesting borders, community building, calling out gentrification, street harassment, (dis)ability, carbon debt, who sets the pace and measurement of the world, to the power of dreams and our entanglements between all of these and one another.




July 25-31: Curatorial research in Copenhagen supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

August 1-24: Residency at ARoS Public supported by Flux Factory and USE STUDIO

September 6: Saunter Trek Escort Parade at Flux Factory

October 7: Queens International ’18, Queens Museum

October 28: Saunter Trek Escort Parade at Queens Museum

Fall 2018: PUSH/PULL (Culture Push Journal)

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