Queens International 2018

UltraViolet Archive in Queens International 2018: Volumes

Opening reception: Sunday, October 7, 2018 from 2-5pm at Queens Museum

On view October 7, 2018 – March 3, 2019

As a nomadic research and event space, UltraViolet Archive provides visibility for and access to challenged creative works. Named after the wavelengths of light outside the visible spectrum, the material featured within this archive has faced the threat of public invisibility, due to banning, cultural amnesia, bias, self-censorship, and other challenges. 

Detail of UltraViolet Archive neon sign.


Bookshelves are lined with digital collages of newspaper articles, providing both historical context and aesthetic backdrops for the highlighted works on display.



Visitors listen to banned and censored music as well as contribute to research using the computer station.

The archive includes films, graphic novels, music, literature, visual and performing arts that were formerly banned, challenged, or partially censored.

For Queens International 2018, the interactive collection and installation focuses on works on loan from the Queens Library that are set in or challenged in New York, or authored by New Yorkers.


Custom signage allows visitors to understand the various challenges each work faced. The items are coded by color and letter and given a unique sticker label.


Visitors could also submit items to be added to the archive via library checkout-styled cards and a suggestion box.


By featuring visual arts, literature, films, graphic novels, music and performing arts, the installation highlights that no medium is immune to censorship.






As part of UltraViolet Archive during Queens International 2018, I edited the Winter 2019 issue of PUSH/PULL, a journal sponsored by Culture Push. The publication focused on artistic freedom and was available in print at the Queens Museum, as well as online. Contributors include Dread Scott, NCAC, and Freemuse.


Publication release event:

Print copies are available at Midway Contemporary in Minneapolis, as well as Printed Matter, Hunter College’s Zabar Art Library, and National Coalition Against Censorship in New York City.

PUSH / PULL Issue 7 was supported by Culture Push, Freemuse, Danish Arts Foundation, National Coalition Against Censorship and Queens Museum Assistant Curator, Sophia Marisa Lucas.

Public programming for UltraViolet Archive: