The Game Show

May 25 – June 8, 2018 ABC No Rio in Exile at Bullet Space

A process-driven, participatory arts project initiated by ABC No Rio and artists involved with, Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid (2017). Inspired by cooperative games such as hacky sack, hot lava, keep-the-balloon-up-in-the-air, Dungeons and Dragons, and Exquisite Corpse, The Game Show lived in the blurry boundary land between art, community, and game play.


Participating Artists: Caroline Carlsmith, Mike Estabrook, Christina Freeman, Brian George, Jenny Goldstick, Rachel Haberstroh, Rachel Hillery, Vandana Jain, Ann LePore, Zhi-fang Li, Christopher Lin, Marcia Vaitsman


The process began with participants meeting to discuss their ideas of cooperative gaming, and ended with the actualization of a playable game. There was an open call, and participants had to commit to four meetings over the course of a month, as well as two intensive weeks in the gallery. The first week in the gallery was a lot of building the game with notes on wall and floor, followed by a test playthough where we invited feedback. We made tweaks to the game and finalized the design and decor, and the final game was playable to the invited public for the last week.