Artist Statement

I am a conceptual artist working in participatory performance, ephemeral events, and immersive installation. Appropriating familiar institutions like the nomadic library, tech support event, or lemonade stand, I make spaces for the audience to co-create with me. I document these events through drawings, photographs, videos, and publications.

UltraViolet Archive (2018-2022) is a nomadic collection of endangered creative works—including films, graphic novels, music, literature, visual and performing arts—that were banned, challenged, or physically threatened. The installation includes a neon sign, bookshelves, film screening room, computer station, and a seating area for the public to spend time with the collection. Visitors are invited to conduct research using the reference materials provided and recommend additional works to expand the archive.

In Unfriend Me Friend (2018), I responded to Facebook’s sale of user data to Cambridge Analytica, hosting a free Facebook data download party. I provided technical support and themed drinks in exchange for participation. Projecting Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 congressional testimony as a backdrop, I purchased participants’ data for 75 cents each—the amount paid by Cambridge Analytica.

For Best Value Lemonade (2016-2018), I invited gallery visitors to respond to surveys on symbolic value, in exchange for a glass of lemonade. Using the familiar “Lemonade Stand” to discuss non-monetary value, I subverted the capitalist tradition held within the space of youth entrepreneurship. 

By interrupting cultural norms such as censorship, data harvesting, and capitalism, I invite the audience to critically examine the institutions that hold and reinforce power.