Culture Push Associated Artist

I’m excited to announce that I was selected as the first Culture Push Associated Artist

As an Associated Artist I am receiving support to guest edit the Culture Push Journal, PUSH / PULL.

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Culture Push Associated Artists receive support for mid-process and established projects that are aligned with the mission and experimental vision of Culture Push. Associated Artists are individuals and projects that have established themselves within New York City, but can still benefit from collaboration with and assistance from our organization. Unlike the seedling-stage ideas of our Fellowship for Utopian Practice, our Associated Artists and their projects have already run through their first logistical stages and idea-testing, and are ready to be bolstered through fiscal, institutional, and creative support.

UltraViolet Archive reviewed in Vulture

UltraViolet Archive reviewed in Vulture




“Perhaps the most seductive (if not politically salient) works on offer involve two participatory projects. Christina Freeman’s UltraViolet Archive is one of them. The interactive installation features a library bookshelf of “Challenged, Banned, and Obliterated” books (some familiar and others unexpected); a round table with chairs; and a single computer for curious visitors looking to explore the digital archive. Emilio Martinez Poppe’s End Credits for the Places That Make Us, meanwhile, includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Found on the second floor, with two additional sets elsewhere on the ground level, the screen asks visitors to reflect on and engage with notions of placemaking, community, and belonging with preloaded prompts.”

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Queens International Opens October 7


As a nomadic project and event space, UltraViolet Archive provides visibility for and access to challenged creative works. Named after the wavelengths of light outside the visible spectrum, the material featured within this archive has faced the threat of public invisibility, due to banning, cultural amnesia, bias, self-censorship, and other challenges. By featuring visual arts, literature, films, graphic novels, music and performing arts, the installation highlights that no medium is immune to censorship.



UltraViolet Archive in QI2018 Web-based Catalog