July 13 – August 20
Part of Invited: Take Care of the Square Footage
Icebox Project Space
Philadelphia, PA

I’m excited to participate in this innovative project organized by Roopa Vasudevan & Walker Tufts.

Print Screen is an exhibition featuring over 450 of the weirdest, most esoteric, or most out-of-context screenshots submitted by 162 international participating artists. The real-world installation includes physical prints of screenshots collected from the depths of contributors’ hard drives and devices, which were often taken for reasons now unknown. The prints are displayed within a physicalized “desktop” environment; visitors are invited to sort, categorize, and filter through the screenshots, placing them into an arrangement that makes sense to them in the space. By applying embodied practices of sorting, displaying, and arranging to a process where we often lose track of images as soon as we take them, the show asks us to reconsider our impulses to store every digital artifact we come across—and reminds us of the commonalities of interest and experience that might prompt us to save these images in the first place.

Print Screen will also have a companion online component as part of The Wrong Biennale, taking place from November 2023-March 2024.