Who Takes Care of New York? online exhibition

During COVID-19, The Urban Ecological Arts Forum at The Nature of Cities is bringing to life virtual exhibition spaces, highlighting current exhibitions on urban ecological themes that would otherwise be impossible to experience due to the closure of cultural facilities.

Who Takes Care of New York? was originally mounted at the Queens Museum in September 2019, and highlights the stories, geographies, and impacts of diverse civic stewards across New York through art, maps, and storytelling. The virtual iteration is provided through a collaboration between the Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Cultures (FRIEC) at The Nature of Cities, and the USDA Forest ServiceNYC Urban Field Station.

To see the full online exhibition visit: https://www.thenatureofcities.com/friec/wtcony-2020/

Image: Whole Queens Catalog by Magali Duzant, commissioned for Who Takes Care of New York? at Queens Museum