Unfriend Me Friend: Facebook Data Download Party

April 20-28, 2018 at Flux Factory as part of Anything! (a biennial of Flux Factory artists)

Unfriend Me Friend, cyanotype of first Facebook album, 2018

Responding to Facebook’s sale of user data to Cambridge Analytica, I organized a free Facebook data download party. I gave technical support and themed cocktails in exchange for participation. I projected Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony and offered to purchase data for 75 cents/person (estimated value paid by Cambridge Analytica).




Text of my current Facebook Profile image, inviting Facebook Friends to Unfriend me:

“In honor of Friends Day, I am inviting you to be my friend in real life and unfriend me on Facebook. I have created the email address unfriendmefriend@gmail.com  Send your name and address to that email address and you will receive a unique, limited addition, signed postcard to commemorate the beginning of our new Friendship. You will receive an automatic reply from the name Friendly Unfriend to confirm receipt of your email, at which point you are invited to Unfriend!”